Apprenticeship Who’s Who

During apprenticeship training, both the apprentice and the employer have a set of responsibilities.

Apprenticeship training roles and responsibilities

As an apprentice, you invest your time, energy and work into your skills training, and your employer invests time and money to train you. The technical training provider – a college, university, or training institution – and the Industry Training Authority (ITA) also have important roles to play.


As an apprentice, it’s important to stay on top of your responsibilities to ensure the success of your apprenticeship training. They are:

  • Read and understand the requirements of your specific apprenticeship training program
  • Register for technical training every year at an ITA Recognized Training Provider
  • Track your on-the-job training hours, keep them up-to-date, and work with your employer sponsor to report them to ITA every six to 12 months
  • Be open to travel – your best learning and earning opportunities could be anywhere in BC

Employer Sponsor

To help make their investment in apprenticeship training worthwhile, employers and sponsors also have responsibilities, including:

  • Teach the apprentice the skills of the trade by providing supervision and honest feedback from a certified journeyperson in the work environment
  • Support the apprentice while they leave to take their required technical training each year
  • Track the apprentice’s on-the-job training hours and report them to ITA every six to 12 months
  • Recommend the apprentice for certification when program requirements are complete
  • If the employer sponsor is not a certified journeyperson but has extensive experience in the trade, apply for Sign Off Authority so they can train the apprentice

Technical Training Provider

A Technical Training Provider is an ITA-approved college or private institution that provides the classroom portion of your apprenticeship training. Classroom training only counts toward your apprenticeship when taken at one of the Recognized Training Providers:

Industry Training Authority

ITA manages BC’s industry trades training and certification system, and works with employers, employees, industry, labour, training providers, and governments to increase opportunities in the trades. Responsibilities include:

  • Managing apprenticeships, setting program standards, issuing credentials and increasing opportunities in the trades
  • Providing information and assistance online, by phone, or in person
  • Registering apprentices and employer sponsors, maintaining apprentice records, overseeing exams and assessments , and funding training at public and private institutions
  • Setting standards for skilled trades training programs, training provider requirements, and for challenging certification  (when work hours and experience count toward certification