Open Data

Open Data

ITA, as part of its commitment to improving citizen access and engagement, enhancing transparency, accountability and understanding is pleased to provide public access to its data through its Open Data initiative.  Data published are free for anyone to re-purpose under the Open Government License – Industry Training Authority.  Using Information under this licence indicates your acceptance of the terms included in it.  Please review the full license prior to using ITA’s data included in the B.C. Data Catalogue.  Static data is also available through ITA’s statistical report page.  For information, any cells of fewer than 5 observations are masked to protect the privacy of individuals.

To see other reports available on ITA’s website, please use the following links:

Service Plans
Statistical Reports
Strategic Plans
Annual Reports
Financial Reports

In addition to Open Data, you can also view ITA’s freedom of information requests. See our Freedom of Information Request Tracker for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at or by telephone, toll-free at 1.866.660.6011.