Bylaws Listing ITA programs, Training Providers and Industry Training Organizations.

Accredited Red Seal industry training programs A definition of Red Seal programs and list of programs
Recognized BC industry training programs A definition of non-Red Seal ITA programs. Includes lists of both the current and de-activated programs.
Foundation industry training programs A definition of the pre-apprenticeship programs designed to prepare students for apprenticeship training. Includes a list of ITA Foundation programs.
Designated Training Providers ITA approves apprenticeship training delivered by the designated training providers listed here. Approved training is specific to trade, level, and location.

NOTE: ITA approved training is also offered by public post-secondary institutions.

List of ITA-approved Training Providers

ITA Registration Policy

Registering as an apprentice, trainee or sponsor  Standards and responsibilities for registered Apprentices, Sponsors and Trainees.
Apprentice and Sponsor Registration form

Assessment, Examination and Credentials Policies

Credit for prior experience & training (PLAR) How ITA credits Apprentices for prior related practical experience and technical training
Administration of ITA certification exams (B.C. & Red Seal) Information about exam eligibility, pass marks, upgrading and rewrites, field testing, accommodation for special needs.

Request for Accommodation for Special Needs
Reader Declaration to Accommodate Special Needs
Translator Declaration

Administration of ITA standardized written level exams How these exams are administered both in paper-based or computer-based formats; invigilation rules, calculation of level marks and passing scores for challenge exams.
Accreditation of examination invigilators Process to qualify to invigilate Certificate of Qualification, Red Seal or standardized level exams for ITA
Registered Assessors Outlines the eligibility criteria and process for registering as an ITA assessor and maintaining active status.
Cancellation of industry training credential Outlines grounds for canceling an Industry Training Credential
Granting a certificate of qualification based on involvement in development of new recognized training program Special circumstance where the ITA Board may grant a Certificate of Qualification to an individual who has been extensively involved in the development of a new recognized (B.C.) training program

Service fee policy & Current Fee Schedule

Service fees Describes purpose of fees and requirement for payment in advance.
Exam fees and payment Pay your fees

Program Development and Maintenance Policies

Criteria for approving new apprenticeship and foundation industry training programs Information for organizations/industry interested in developing new training programs
Criteria for approving changes to existing industry training programs Criteria for evaluating industry proposals to modify existing programs
Criteria for deactivation of recognized apprenticeship and foundation industry training programs Does not apply to Accredited (Red Seal) Apprenticeship programs.
Funding for new programs development, substantive changes to existing programs, and ongoing program maintenance ITA criteria for approving program development costs

Designated Policy of Training Providers

Criteria for approving training providers other than public post-secondary institutions as designated trainers for ITA programs. Current list of by trade, level, and location is contained in Bylaw B1004.

Miscellaneous Policies

Apprentice / Trainee and Sponsor registration Standards and responsibilities for registered Apprentices, Sponsors and Trainees Link to registration form:
Apprentice and Sponsor Registration form
Replacement of certificate and wallet cards ITA’s requirements for replacing certificates and wallet cards.
Use of ITA’s logo Rules governing the use of ITA’s logo
ITA sponsorship and endorsement of third party activities ITA’s policies relating to sponsorship or endorsement of third party activities or for partnering with third parties in delivery of programs or events.
Intellectual property policy Framework for protecting ITA’s intellectual property rights and guiding ITA in the use of Third Party intellectual property and works
Systems access and information sharing Terms and conditions for authorizing external access to ITA systems, information and for collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

Authorization to release Information to a third party
Cancelation of authorization to release information to a third party

Appeals / dispute resolution This policy describes how to dispute an ITA decision and request reconsideration by the CEO,. It also describes how to file a formal appeal to the Industry Training Authority Appeal Board. Formal appeals are restricted to the following ITA decisions:

• Refusal to grant a credential
• Suspension or cancelation of a credential
• Refusal to register or cancelation of the registration of an apprentice or trainee