ITA Portal

The ITA Portal is the fastest and easiest way to submit information and will get you the quickest results.  

It provides a seamless, mobile-friendly experience for apprentices and sponsors looking to submit customer service requests, manage their information, submit work-based training hours, and more! 

New apprentices can now sign up for the Portal! New sponsors can follow these steps to register as a sponsor and will receive access to the Portal after successful registration.

NOTE: We are in the process of transitioning our customers from Direct Access (current customer portal) to the ITA Portal (new customer portal). Please check your email for more information on when you will receive access to the new Portal.  

Web Forms

Go paperless! You can submit limited types of forms online. Here are some common forms that are easy to submit online: 

PDF Forms

If you prefer to submit forms via email or mail, please download the following forms, fill them out, and submit them to Alternatively, these forms can be printed, filled out by hand, and mailed to our headquarters.  

Exam Forms
1. Exam Request Form To schedule a level, Interprovincial or Certificate of Qualification exam for the first time or to schedule a re-write.
2. Proof of Upgrading This form is used by exam candidates who require proof of upgrading for their 4th exam attempt.
3. Translator/Reader Declaration To be completed by the Translator or Reader assisting you in your exam.
4. Request for Exam Accommodations
To request translation, interpretation or disability accommodation to write your ITA exam
Apprenticeship Forms
1. Apprentice and Sponsor Registration To register your apprenticeship with ITA for ALL programs except Youth Work in Trades/Youth Train in Trades Programs.
2. Foundation Exemption Request Heavy Equipment Operator To exempt your apprentice from the Road Builder & Heavy Construction foundation program that is a pre-requisite for registration into the Heavy Equipment Operator apprenticeship program.
3. Heavy Equipment Operator Logbook Intake Form

To be submitted by apprentices along with their logbook to request initial and subsequent endorsement(s) to achieve Heavy Equipment Operator (HEO) Certification.


Refer to the HEO endorsement Completion Declaration forms.

4. Recommendation for Certification - Asphalt Paving/Laydown Technician To recommend certification for your Asphalt Paving/Laydown Technician apprentice who has completed all work-based training hours and competencies.
5. Recommendation for Certification – Welder To recommend certification for your Welder apprentice who has completed all work-based training hours and competencies.
6. Registration – Youth Work in Trades/Train in Trades To register your apprenticeship with ITA in the Work in trades/Train in Trades programs. Please send to your local school district
7. Completion Form – Welder Please send this form with your logbook for assessment of your training and work hours in order to receive your Welding stamp (certification).
8. Work-Based Training Proximity Verification Declaration Utility Arborist To confirm that your Utility Arborist apprentice has worked at least 1200 hours in close proximity to energized electrical equipment.

9. Work-based Training Report (Printable)

Work-based Training Report (Web Form)

To report work-based training hours for your apprentice.
10.  Work-based Training Report – Multi-Process Alloy Welding Endorsement Declaration This document is to confirm that the candidate has at least 900 hours of experience in processes directly related to the Multi-Process Alloy Welding (MPAW) Endorsement achieved after Red-Seal Certification.

Training Provider Forms
1. Designated Trainer Application Used by a private training institution to apply for ITA Recognized Training Provider status.
2. DirectAccess Registration Used by an ITA Recognized Training Provider to create an individual ITA account when a student is in a Foundation or Modular Welder program
3. Examination Request Used by an ITA Recognized Training Provider to request ITA exams for their students.
4. Practical Assessment Result Report Used by an ITA Recognized Training Provider to report practical assessment results to ITA.

5. Technical Training Result Report (Printable)

Technical Training Result Report (Web Form)

Used by an ITA Recognized Training Provider to report a set of class marks to ITA upon completion of the course.
6. Hairstylist Foundation Practicum Form (Sponsor)  Used by an ITA registered Sponsor to report the technical training requirement of a 300 hour practicum when a apprentice is in the Foundation program.
7. Hairstylist Foundation Practicum Report (Training Provider) Used by an ITA Recognized Training Provider to report the technical training requirement of a 300 hour practicum for a Foundation program class. This form is to be sent in with the class marks.
8. Youth Explore Trades Sampler Intake Form for Adults Used by ITA Recognized Training Provider to create to register adult students to Youth Explore Trades Sampler class.
9. Youth Explore Trades Sampler Exit Form Used by ITA Recognized Training Provider to report completion status of Youth Explore Trades Sampler students.
Privacy and Record Request Forms
1. General Record Request  Use this form to submit a general record request (including data requests) to ITA. For more information, visit ITA’s General Record Request page.
2. Personal Information Record Request Use this form to submit a personal record request to ITA. For more information, visit ITA’s Personal Information Record Request page.
3. Training Provider Record Request Use this form if you are a training provider and you wish to submit a record request (including contact information requests) to ITA.

4. Consent to Release or Update Personal Information (Printable)

Consent to Release or Update Personal Information (Web Form)

Use this form to authorize a third party to access and/or update your personal information held by ITA.
Miscellaneous Forms

1. Add-Remove Staff (Printable)

Add-Remove Staff (Web Form)

To update your organization’s file with a list of individuals who can update or view the apprentice records.
2. Release Personal Information to a Third Party – Cancel Authorization To cancel authorization previously given to ITA to release your personal information to a third party.
3. Request for Document Replacement To request a replacement for a lost, stolen or damaged certificate, wallet card, registration card or logbook.
4. Publicity Agreement and Media Consent Form  This form allows ITA permission to use your information including photos and video for the purpose of marketing and promotion of ITA programs and services. 


For any policies or bylaws related to ITA's forms, please see ITA's Policies & Bylaws Webpage.