Choosing a training provider

ITA recognizes training delivered by ITA-Recognized Training Providers.


As an apprentice, you need to choose where you want to take the technical training for your program and register with the Training Provider.  You also need to make sure the course you choose is delivered by an ITA-Recognized Training Provider so it can be counted toward your apprenticeship.
ITA-Recognized Training Providers for this Program

  • Check out EducationPlannerBC for training programs throughout BC
  • Or check out Trades Training BC for an up-to-date list of all the classes, locations and dates offered at BC government-funded schools
  • Or check the list below for classes offered by privately-funded schools (if available)

Program Name: Landscape Horticulturist

Training Provider Level Designation Period
Pacific Horticulture College - Victoria Foundation January 2014 - Feb 2024
Pacific Horticulture College - Victoria 1 December 2019 – December 2024
Pacific Horticulture College - Victoria 2 January 2020 to January 2025
Pacific Horticulture College - Victoria 3 January 2014 - Feb 2024
Pacific Horticulture College - Victoria 4 January 2014 - Feb 2024
SD 41 (Burnaby) - Riverway 1 June 2014 - April 2024
SD 41 (Burnaby) - Riverway 2 June 2014 - March 2025
UBC Botanical Garden Foundation October 2013 - November 2023

Refresher Courses

If you are preparing to write an ITA certification exam for the first time as a challenger or as an apprentice who needs to do some upgrading before writing again, you may benefit from a course that reviews the theory and fundamentals of the trade. Contact your local college to course availability.