Industry Support

ITA's Industry Advisors work with our trades training partners to better understand, communicate and respond to the needs of industry across B.C.  This helps us to stay connected with industry and insure our province has the right skilled workers where they're needed. 

Sector Advisory Groups 

The purpose of Sectory Advisory Groups is to be the voice of industry and provide timely and focused advice to advance and improve the trades training system in B.C. including strategies to help increase apprenticeship opportunities for youth, women, indigenous persons and other equity seeking groups. 

SAG's support us by giving input to ITA and Government on:

  • The most important and relevant sectoral training strategies to address labour market demand
  • Government collected data sets, assumptions, and general labour market forecasts
  • Actual labour market forecast numbers
  • High-level policy issues

For more information please contact 

Industry Relations
Craig Woods
Industry Relations
Shaun Cox
Industry Relations