Senior Leadership Team

Executive Team

Shelley Gray, Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 778-327-5904
Farnaz Riahi, Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 778-785-2409
Rod Bianchini, Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 778-330-2682

Senior Management

Paulette Higgins, Director, Training Investment
Phone: 778-785-5926
Randy Biln, Director, Customer Experience
Phone: 778-785-2415
Anita Handregan, Director, Program Standards and Assessments
Phone: 778-327-5924

Lisa Langevin, Director, Equity and Engagement
Phone: 778-785-2422

   Michael Cameron, Director, Indigenous Relations
   Phone: 778-785-2425
Shelley Allan, Director, Strategy and Performance
Phone: 778-327-5921
Nicole Adams Director, Communications
Phone: 778-785-2410