Broadband Network Technician

A Broadband Network Technician installs, maintains and repairs cable and satellite telecommunication systems, including cable television, broadband internet and telephone services. Broadband Network Technicians work in the telecommunications industry, performing services on-site at client premises, in the distribution network, or at the headend. On-site tasks include installations, troubleshooting, and repair of cable, internet or telephone systems. They also perform customer service and education tasks. Headend tasks include directing and routing broadband information to its destination and troubleshooting central problems.

Preparing for your Exam

The Occupational Analysis describes the scope of competencies for the trade. The CofQ exam was developed to assess the competencies listed in this chart.

The Exam Weighting Chart for the Certificate of Qualification exam shows the approximate percentage of weighting per General Area of Competency (GAC).

The Reference Materials provide study material for challengers preparing to write the exam.

Program Updates:

Please note that this program is only available for those wishing to challenge certification. There is no apprenticeship pathway at this time.

This trade was previously named Community Antenna Television Technician (CATV); the name has been changed to reflect current technology. The Certificate of Qualification (CofQ) for CATV is still valid and will be recognized by industry. Individuals may not hold both CofQs.

Program Information

The documents below offer detailed information specific to this program.

  • Program Profile
  • Describes the requirements for apprentices and challengers to earn certification
  • Download(PDF 368.06 KB)

Challenge Certification/Recognize Prior Experience

If you have significant work experience in a trade but have never been certified in Canada, you may apply to challenge the certification.


If you sponsor apprentices but have never been certified in Canada, you may request to supervise and sign-off apprentices when they are ready to be certified. Please refer to the application form on whether this trade qualifies.

  • Instructions
  • How to Apply
  • Download(PDF 260.34 KB)
  • Application Form
  • Personal information and exams scheduling information (for challenge option)
  • Download(PDF 173.84 KB)
  • Employer Declaration
  • Document of relevant work experience
  • Download(PDF 179.75 KB)
  • Statutory Declaration
  • Attestation for self-employment/work experience when employer cannot be contacted
  • Download(PDF 155.2 KB)