Jordan Atlin - Welder

Don't be afraid, take up the challenge, there is success at the end. - Merv Kube, Jordan's mentor.

Jordan Atlin came to ITA with no confidence and little education. She was living in a rural First Nations community, feeling like she lacked direction in life and with her career. Her uncle convinced her to take up a trade. Today, Jordan is a Level C Welder living out her “dream job.” She credits her mentor, Merv Kube, with helping her build skills as well as the ‘tough skin’ needed to overcome discrimination in an ‘old boys club.’

She encourages all women who are currently looking for a better life and a purpose to connect with ITA. ITA’s Women in Trades Training (WITT) program supports women to turn a trade into a career. As Jordan says, “Women (in the trades) are an untapped resource and any way that is encouraged should be supported.” Jordan is in the process of upgrading her certification to Level B and couldn’t be happier with the opportunities that a career in the trades has given her.

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